Developing your career path in MangoAds

Established in 2013, MangoAds is a trustworthy partner of many companies in the field of digital marketing in Vietnam. Our main products are Website – App Development, Google Search Ads, Facebook Advertising,…

Our mission is to create digital products that help Vietnamese people and businesses reaching out to the world. It’s a bridge for the global businesses access the Vietnamese market through the most effective way. Along with bringing advanced solutions, MangoAds also focuses on developing “individual people” with training activities to contributions knowledge for the community.

At MangoAds, the concept of “career path” is not simply “going to work” but also includes the advancement and development of one’s own abilities through the process of forging with the job. We create a favorable working environment where members can work together and constantly strive for all to rise to a new level in their careers, so that our products can be proudly show off to our descendants.



MangoAds is an friendly environment that allow each member to work, dedicate, learn together, develop and create a lot of joy during the journey to conquer new level. The ultimate goal is to create standard products with the best quality to bring real value for client. To reach the effetive work, the important is must have a good team. Understanding the importance of training, we put Learning – Training at the heart of the business, ensuring it always operates as a mechanism to help businesses constantly grow.

Why should work at MangoAds?

At MangoAds, you will be able to participate and challenge your capabilities with many great projects, while bringing real value to our partners. With a dynamic working environment, we always support our members to contribute ideas to improve work efficiency.

We commit that each individual has enough room, empowered to work independently while learning through many experiences to improve knowledge and improve yourself. In addition, each employee will have the opportunity to work with several teams, self-manage and operate the work to bring optimal efficiency.


Work Environment

A friendly, open working environment with many promotion opportunities are factors for you to choose whether to accompany and long-term connection with MangoAds or not. The spacious and airy working space and after-work collective entertainment games will help you feel comfortable and full of energy.

Improve knowledge

Experience unlimited documentation and in-house training programs directly from the management level. MangoAds commits to contribute all knowledge and in-depth academic documents to the community. With this resource who are eager to learn every day could sharpen their capabilities and thereby contributing to the digital service industry of Vietnam

Connection opportunities

At MangoAds, you will have the opportunity to work and learn from experienced experts to constantly improve your skills and real combat experience. Receiving the knowledge imparted and applying it into practice will help you remember better to apply to new projects.


Project Management Team

In order to build the best products, there must be an effective management system, we are the management team of programming projects and advertising projects for client. We are always the bridge to translate client requests to the media team, product team in the most effective way.


Product Team

Our mission is to make typical digital products such as websites, mobile apps, web apps… for clients. We strive every day to create high-quality, high-performance, safe, and scalable products.


Media Team

Our main mission is to build good, quality and meaningful content for client, to help convey the brand’s message to the target audience in the most profound and meaningful way. In addition to the creative values, the media team also focuses on the effectiveness of the content, such as bringing more interactions, reaching many potential users, … depending on the purpose of the campaign. .


Ops Ads Team

ROI is a word that always exists in our mind. Every day, we always find ways to optimize, more optimal client’ advertising budgets to bring the best results. Besides, the reports built by Optimizers will help partners evaluate the campaign’s performance and shape the development trend of the market.