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Why go with MangoAds?

If the internet is the way, content is the car, the UI is the design of the car. Did you pass the car and catch your eye? It depends on whether the car is beautiful or bad, like whether the content is delivered to the user effectively or not, depends on the UX that means the performance of the car is easy to drive, easy to operate or not.


UI/UX design is like designing a business’s showroom, you spend a lot of budgets to bring users to the showroom. But if services and products are not presented neatly and easily to grasp, customers who have spent their time coming to the showroom will not become buyers. They can completely pass the rival showroom, where the goods and services are displayed in conspicuous places like the reception desk. So if you have spent a lot of money on marketing, you should also spend a suitable budget for a website, app, . . . to measure and optimize the user experience. 


At MangoAds, we look at design in the eyes of global marketers, putting ourselves in the shoes of the user to evaluate the experience of each design.

UX/UI approach

We approach a design in several ways


Some questions a coder should look for when reading UI-UX design: Is it suitable for software development? Does data processing need to be optimized or tuned to meet this UX? How to combine SSR or CSR components to get the best experience speed while reducing the load on the server?


How do I feel if I was a part of a certain group of consumers? Under the strict perspective of global marketers, we modify the customer experience to reach the outstanding conversion performance. In addition, how will the goal placement and CTA content be presented at each user’s touchpoint on the UI?


Which touchpoints we would track the user through the innovative UX along with the requirements of data strategy. How we could draw personas and build the user’s journey. Through tracking options in a new advanced interface, how it would be achieved an advanced plan after the new release.


Good content, beautiful and attractive images are not enough, but we need to know where to put them to ensure users grasp the idea of the whole page quickly and effectively. In addition, we also need to consider the optimal length for each text and image design style to bring the best UI-UX.


Ecommerce UX design

Interface design for the habit of using digital products of Vietnamese – a fast-growing but still relatively new market, UX will have many differences compared to global design templates. We have the local knowledge guarantee that your product will be best drived to your target market.

UX / UI design process

How to design a new UI UX template?

MB Bank Website – One of MangoAds’s products

Website building project to optimize user experience and search engines. The whole project was developed to create a communication portal among people wishing to use financial services with MB Bank as a connecting center. Website is optimized with the most advanced technology available such as AMP and PWA. The page loading speed is ensured to be less than 1 second.

Why is UI-UX important?

We can lose up to 80% of customers to competitors if they have a bad experience on our website.

Digital brand guideline

You can see all the color palettes and website layouts listed in the brand guideline

Atomic design

Atomic design provides a clear methodology for crafting design systems as a element-by-element orientation, we consider each smallest element on the website to create designs that are consistent across all products of the business. 


From the process of hand-drawing to drawing on PC, color submission and approval before coding. Take a look at some of our workflows on sketch as well as the process and method of collaborating with clients when checking samples.

Web layout

Page layout brings the best user experience for your customer. How do I get an interface that matches the target audience’s surfing habits and preferences? MangoAds will offer web layout designs suitable for each field of the client.


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