SEO for enterprise

SEO for large businesses requires more complex optimization steps.

The website’s index problem

A surprising number is that half of the daily traffic to your website is from robots (Google robots). The controlling traffic and ensuring robots move smoothly throughout the website, helping them get content on the website to send to the Google server most effectively.

Track and analyze crawling budget


Handling errors on the website based on server log analysis

Google crawler accesses each page on the website. Webmaster tool data only reflects the error of the pages that Google has crawled similarly with other search engines.

For large websites with a huge number of pages, only log file can get the most accurate parameters to analyze all website access data, thereby correctly diagnosing the health status of the entire website.


Regulate crawling budget and handle pages that are not good for crawling

You will waste the traffic from Google bot, if you let robots crawl blank or thin content pages. The controlling index value pages for Google bots to get data priority will help your website’s quality of reviews better from Google instead of letting robots freely crawl pages with no content.


Regulating SSR and CSR

Although Google has used the crawler with the latest version of Chrominium to crawl your website, the CSR-type content is not really good for Google to crawl and index. With the understanding of how Googlebot works, balancing the advantages of the experience speed by CSR that compared to the SEO advantages of SSR will give you the solution to combine effectively CSR and SSR. Thus, ensuring that Googlebot still fetches effective content, but the user experience on the page is still fast and smooth. Prioritizing good balance will optimize web loading speed as well as achieve good SEO performance.

Control on-page crawling

In addition to the basic onpage optimization techniques, for large websites we need to have rules and an effective onsite error management and control plan.

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