Social Media Marketing
Marketing services on the Social Media platform at MangoAds.

Social Media Marketing services

Since 2013, MangoAds has provided professional marketing services on Facebook. We offer a 1-1 consultation to understand our client needs and wants. We help brands connect with customers and deliver existing business results for businesses.

User friendly
Rich content
Cost savings
Optimal efficiency

The process of a Social Media Marketing campaign

At MangoAds, a Social Media campaign is deployed with 6 categories

Understand campaign goals

We have to define and understand campaign goals. Whatever goal, it is of paramount importance to “steer the ship” in the right direction and smoothly throughout the campaign.

Choose the right advertising method

Social advertising is one of the ways to see how people saw and interacted with posts. From the right, reasonable advertising, we will drive optimal results for our clients.

Create a regular posting schedule by week / month

Define clearly what time, date, month and how many posts/day will be published. At the same time we will define messages, topics, outlines and ideas that align with the schedule.


After writing the planned article, we will schedule them which will be ready before publishing. Thanks to that, we will have the best preparation for all events to take place.

Reply customer comment

We are ready to support customers by replying to their comments below every post. You should not forget these people because they are the most potential customers.

Analysis and adjustment

Analyze to see which do work well and which don’t. We won’t waste your time and budget. Besides, don’t forget to have strategies to adjust for your next campaigns.


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