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Nowadays, people receive a lot of emails every day, so how can your email be special and valuable in their mind? How do I get an email that a prospect wants to see? At MangoAds, we provide professional Email Marketing services, helping your customers go deeper into the sales funnel.

Map out your email marketing strategy

MangoAds applies the model “4W1H” (What-Who-When-Why-How) to conduct Email Marketing strategy. We will wonder what to send, what to send to each customer, when to send an email, what is the reason for sending this email, is it necessary or not, and how to send it to the customer change. By answering each question, we identify the factors that make up a perfect strategy.


Lead Magnets

Thanks to our valuable Lead Magnets, we will attract customers and form a quality email list. Lead Magnet acts as a tool to exchange useful content to customers and in return they must give us personal information (most importantly, email addresses). Some of the popular Lead Magnet include guides, checklists, questionnaires, eBooks, coupons, experimentation…


Landing page / website contains a strong CTA

In the email, the content is definitely not long and distracting when the users read it. To ensure this, we provide a dedicated website / landing page service that can lead to high conversions.


Marketing campaign

The shortest way to reach potential customers is through advertising (Facebook Ads or Google Ads). The more people know, the more you have the chance to offer a lead magnet that meets their current needs and desires to obtain an email address.


Email marketing tool

MangoAds will set up and deploy and manage in a dedicated email marketing tool. Thanks to this tool, we are able to store email lists, segment each customer set, and design and send emails systematically.


Email marketing report

The performance of email marketing campaigns will be shown in detail in reports with some indicators such as the number of subscribers, email open rates, conversions, etc. We review, analyze and improve for better performance.

Process for Email marketing service at MangoAds

An email marketing campaign at MangoAds is implemented in 6 steps.

Build Opt-in email list

MangoAds together with customers will add opt-in email registration to the contact form on the website. This helps you get more emails from potential customers. In addition, we will also develop this list through the appropriate social media channels and paid advertising campaigns.

Email template

By analyzing the content that customers are most interacting with on the website and the experiences of previous campaigns to produce a suitable new email template. This will be laid out in a fixed format, used throughout the campaign to create consistency and easier brand identity.

Create content

Our team always puts the customer first to deliver quality and most valuable content. From the text to the images, the video attached to the email is all carefully taken care of. Ideally, after an email marketing campaign, MangoAds develops a quality customer database for you.


Track email sending and receiving, email open rates, CTR, web visits, leads, and revenue.

Test email marketing

Split-test the subject line, send frequency, date, time of submission, content to find the one customers love.

Advanced strategy

MangoAds helps you elevate your Email Marketing strategy with marketing automation and win-back email.


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