Welcome to

Project Management Team

We are the connecting team that link all the operations and building products of the MangoAds collective


For building the best products, there must be the most effective management methods, we are the team that manages the programming project and advertising project for the client. We are always the bridge between the client and internal team, we translate the request in the most effective way.

In addition to ensuring smooth coordination between internal teams, the Project Management team is always ready to work with client to come up with effective marketing or product building plans, our best people have the ability to understand from programming to how to “grow hacking” for a project.

What we do?

1 Project management capacity, always monitoring scope, time, cost, human resource, communication, risk, partner.
2 Plan new projects and organize teams for execution. “Lean” and “Agile” are always in our mind.
3 Background knowledge about web, app and advertising to be able to advise client on the most effective implementation.
4 Calm and flexibility are paramount to express “Nice” and “Professional” culture to clients but are also willing to fight hard to come along with difficult projects.
  • Active, sociable, easy to integrate with other team members.
  • Enthusiastic, ready to fight to come along with difficult projects. Always “Lean” and “Agile”.
  • Be proactive at work, not afraid to propose new ideas.
  • General experience in digital marketing and website projects.
  • Take care of clients and solve partner’s problems quickly.
  • Consulting services, presentations on projects and products.
  • Good communication to link between client and the internal team in order to gain success result.
  • The ability to coordinate work efficiently, quickly and reach KPI.
  • Skill in planning and presenting solutions to clients impressively.

Join our team

Our team is in need of cheerful, eager to learn people who like squares and pi to work together to manage and build projects. Knowledge is immense, you may not have enough knowledge in important parts, but at MangoAds, you can learn and practice immediately with project, after a while your ability will reach a new level, can “battle” with many diverse projects. The dynamism and enthusiasm of the culture of Nice, Professional, Warrior of MangoAds is the personality and operation method of our team.