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Media Team

We are young people/the youth who love to be friends with letters/words and perfectionism in every design


The core of the Internet is to connect and transmit multimedia content to each individual, the media team at MangoAds focuses on developing the above images, text and video content to convey to users through popular platforms such as Website and social network …

Our main mission is to create good, qualified and meaningful content for customers, to help convey the brand’s message to the target audience in the most profound and meaningful way.

What we do?

1 Every day we give ideas and write content, design images, … to match the goals of the brand.
2 Setting up short and long term content strategy based on customer’s marketing plan.
3 Propose content ideas and approaches to content that are relevant to client’s target audience.
4 Combining with the Product team and the Ops Ads team to make the most of advertising channels to deliver the most effective content.


  • Hard-working, creative, has a good attitude and a high sense of responsibility.
  • Love writing and content creation (words and images).
  • Be willing to fight with projects with high technical requirements and need diverse content.


  • Experienced in journalism, social networking, blogging.
  • An overview of technical SEO and website audit to improve web’s performance.
  • Has a perfectionist and aesthetic eye in approving designs.


  • Ability to capture brand direction for building long-term content plans.
  • Skills of translating and editing articles from English to Vietnamese.
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of content through tools like Google Analytics, Web Master

Join our team

If you are a writing enthusiast who likes the text-based advertising industry (Content marketing), please go home with Media team.