Media Leader


The core of the internet is to connect and transmit multimedia content to all of humanity, the Media Team at MangoAds focuses on developing images, text and video content to convey to users through popular platforms such as Google, Facebook, website, …
As a member of Media Team, your main responsibility is to create good, quality and meaningful content for clients to help convey the message of the brand to the target audience in the most profound and meaningful way.

1 Assign work to Media Executive
2 Quality control of work
3 Project progress management
4 Connect and motivate team members
5 Development career path for each member
6 Evaluate the quality of personnel in the team
7 Evaluate the training quality of the team
8 Make proposal
9 Quotes SEO, Website, Ads
10 Report monthly / quarterly / year on project progress and arising issues
11 Meet and exchange with client on related issues of project
12 Consulting and guiding clients on related services.
13 Interview to recruit new staffs
14 Recruit and manage collaborators (e.g. hiring cost)
15 Prepare training course and training
16 Perform ad hoc tasks as requested by the superiors.


  • Graduated from colleges, universities majoring in Marketing, Journalism / Communication
  • Understand a variety of angles in Online Marketing and multimedia delivery
  • Presentation skills, problem handling skills
  • Proficient in Word, Excel, PPT, and Google Drive
  • Ability to research and update market trends
  • Good communicate and capture messages well
  • Good at both individual work and team work
  • Using Vietnamese - English fluently is a great advantage
  • Think positively, sociable, cheerful, and eager to learn.


  • Working in a highly-experienced, non-stop learning and sharing environment to build personal value
  • Bonuses for Holidays, New Year, birthdays, annual leave and full insurance (social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance)
  • Trained employee assessment and management skills
  • Competitive salary according to capacity, salary review 2 times a year
  • Only work from Monday to Friday
  • Khám sức khỏe hằng năm.
  • The company trip every year and many other interesting activities
  • Being able to work, join in many projects, big clients and have high promotion opportunities.
  • Be trained in knowledge and skills, develop professional experience.
  • Sponsored professional courses.

How to Apply

1. Candidates send CV and portfolio to email: and (cc).
2. Please specify email subject: Apply for [Position] _ [Full name] .
3. In our recommendation letter, we encourage you to describe your work and projects to MangoAds for an overall assessment of the candidate's qualifications.

If you are passionate about content and want to develop your writing skills, gain experience and do SEO and social media projects, the Media Leader position at MangoAds will give you the opportunity to learn and grow. Please join the application for the opportunity to become a member of the team Media at MangoAds.