Infomation Security

Insurance Policy

  • Website warranty service validates 12 months from the date website handed over. Method to receive requirement website warrant is via email, phone, Fax and official document;  
  • Range of warranty includes  website correction if there are any problems relating to design function, errors occuring during the usage phase.;  
  • Notify customers to extend time period of using domains and hosting maintenance 1 month in advance of the expired date

MangoAds Support

  • Free Support as needed.
  • Source code warranty in 1 year or in the period of time hosting storage at MangoAds
  • Register website summit with popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing…;
  •  Free edition 1 month in advance of handing over website for customers;
  • Set up free email hosting for client.

Hand-over Policy

  • Time post: 20 - 30 working days;
  • 3-5 days: Comlete designing interface;
  • 10-15 days: Website coding; 3-5 days: Website demo and fix any errors;
  • 1-2 days: Usage Guidance and Hand over;
  • Time period above can be changed, dependent on each differennt projects due to mutual agreement between 2 parties

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Address: 16th Floor, Charmington Building, 181 Cao Thang, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC
Phone: +8428 6680 5450

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