Infomation Security

  • MangoAds is not responsible for the accuracy of any information sent to the server or the loss or damage of the data restored on server.
  • User is responsible for maintenance of data on the server
  • User is responsible for assuring the rightful use of Website or Server. Specifically:
    • It is obligated not to use Server or hosting service for any purpose that violates Vietnamese and international law, especially the copyright and control and prohibit others from taking such action on the Server and hosting service.
    • User is not allowed to send, create link or authorize to:
      • Any data that is illegal, threatening, cheating, hostile, distorting, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane or information theft,... or other prohibited forms under any manner whatsoever.
      • Any data that leads to or encourage the crime, or violates the patent law, trademark, design right, copyright or any intellectual property rights or the rights of any person.
    • User is not allowed to send bulk email with the view to sabotage from server or our network as well as not allowed to encourage any other site on server to use bulk email.
    • User is not allowed to use the program that is likely to create jam to the system such as draining system resource, overloading the microprocessor and the memory.
  • User is required to keep password or other privacy information that relates to user's account safe and inform us in advance as user discover any unauthorized access user's account or any security error.
  • User is required to comply with our procedure and is not allowed to use hosting and server for the purpose that can harm our other customers.
  • Any access to other network connected with ours is obligated to comply with the relative regulations of those network.
  • While we put all effort to ensure the safety to data and server, we are not responsible for the sabotage from the illegal users or hackers or hardware error by the manufacturer or any loss of data.
  • In case the payment is not made in accordance with the contract or any above mentioned rule is violated, we can pause the service or end the contract immediately without prior annoucement.
  • We shall not refund in case of contract end due to the user's violation of the above mentioned rules.

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