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The importance of the website

Website is the most important channel in the user’s touchpoints in the journey of purchasing products and services of enterprises on the internet. At the same time, this is also a channel that allows businesses to freely implement all tracking measurement strategies, as well as implement content ideas without any barriers. Therefore, if you spend millions of dollars on online advertising, the resources spent on building and maintaining the smoothness of the website should be commensurate with that advertising budget.


Design the interface

MangoAds team designs product which is not only beautiful but they are also a combination of persona and content deployment plans to that customers. We optimize each touchpoint for the most impressive design while still ensuring the goal of conveying the brand’s content as well as the user experience of purchasing products and services. At the same time, the design patterns will also meet certain standards to ensure code easily, and inherit from the design system for future development.


Experience in purchasing optimal CRO products and services

The ultimate goal of every campaign is to sell products and services, so building a website that optimizes the user journey and touchpoints that they are most convenient to buy is CRO’s goal.


Mobile first

With the constant development of mobile devices, mobile-first design ideology is always in our minds. In addition, we also need to consider mobile-first loading speed, mobile-first index with SEO, etc. Therefore, MangoAds with the mindset of fast and convenient mobile design and programming thinking, we ensure your new website system will operate smoothly on all devices.

The advantages of website development services at MangoAds

SEO-friendly, easy to administer, measure and collect data are the advantages of the website developed by MangoAds.

Good SEO

When building a web structure, we will advise on web components to help support content development and plans to collect data from users. After that, we deploy marketing ideas to go with promoting SEO in the future. Code in accordance with Google’s standards, optimizing the page load speed well, is also one of the criteria to support your website getting a good ranking on this search engine.

Easy content management

When running advertising campaigns, how the marketing team can proactively create landing pages or articles simply and quickly. With our experience in deploying digital marketing campaigns on many website, we know what to add, what to reduce, and what to optimize in the website’s admin system. We make sure webmasters and marketing teams can easily adjust and create content in the most effective way.

Measure and collect data

Like building the UI-UX web, building tracking plans based on the user’s touchpoints, from which statistical data is extremely important. From awareness to avocate phase are also need to be tracked. The marketing team can rely on that to quickly make adjustments to the advertising campaign. Our Data Analyst will actively propose a tracking plan and do it for your website.

Integration of systems

The new website is the brand’s face, behind it, there are long-term stable systems. MangoAds’s websites are always ready to integrate APIs with client’s systems such as CRM, ERP, live chat, support, etc.

Ensures smooth SLA operation

We will offer Sizing website infrastructure on Cloud such as Amazon, Google, Azure, etc. to ensure your website system meets the best SLA standards, smooth operation with the stable loading speed in the world.

Backup source and git

Your source code will be stored on Git. If necessary, all code update activities will have set up the CI-CD for deploying production and minimizing errors. So that your source code is not lost every time something goes wrong.


How to make your website tolerable with high traffic from over the world, optimize loading speed, make website lighter, call it request or optimize infrastructure,… are the methods mentioned a lot in the website programming documentation by Google. MangoAds’s experienced team will ensure that your website is well optimized according to these Google standards.

Loading speed optimization

AMP web development

It is a separate web code standard for the mobile version that is supported by Google to index, with first loading from Google Search is faster and easier.


PWA helps users to download quickly even when the network is unstable. Besides, we implement PWA because it also helps push relevant notifications, helping to increase productivity in marketing.

Marketing team supports

In addition to the above technical approaches, the Marketing team at MangoAds also helps to research and analyze the data, based on practical experience to draw the appropriate UI-UX for the website.

Types of website MangoAds developed

MangoAds develops a variety of websites for almost all business areas in the market.

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