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Create a high-performing PPC campaign

Over the years, MangoAds team with experienced members has executed and managed many campaigns with millions of dollars in Google Ads budget. We consider the partner’s benefit as our own, always think about ROI and ROAS and constantly optimize our campaigns to ensure the best performance for clients.

The PPC services on Google Ads platform

We offer a wide range of PPC services on Google Ads and Ad Network platforms.

What does a PPC campaign need?

For a PPC campaign, we don’t need many impressions – We need multiple clicks that bring in conversions.


Before implementing the campaign, we will analyze the market, research our competitors and build up keyword planning for keyword campaigns. From that information, we will get the estimated budget, combined with the target and desired budget of the client. Both will set the KPI (Click, PPC, Leads, ROI, ROAS, . . . . ) fit. That is the baseline for the two teams to work together to implement and optimize throughout the campaign.



Based on a baseline from previous research, we set up an Ads content assignment campaign to suit the user persona of each market niche in the whole target audience group. In addition, the MangoAds team will also balance the budget for each period in accordance with the client’s requirements.


Tracking và data strategy

As mentioned, to ensure the success of the campaign, it is crucial to understand users based on their data, setting up tracking code on the page to help advertising platforms like Google and Facebook identify the right needs of customers. We use tracking options like Google Tag Management, or CRM tracking, User Data Feed, . . . to collect and synthesize the most complete user data, build customer personas to help personalize advertising.


Campaign construction

At this step, we put the elements that were built in the previous planning phase in one place so that they come together to create a successful campaign. For example, keyword planning corresponds to ads content for each user persona, advertising budget, tracking data for remarketing, banner, ads content for each target group, . . . 

In addition, the setting up of a campaign structure on Google or Facebook is also considered by the MangoAds team to make changes and adjustments in large quantities as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

During this phase, we will also set up automatic campaign notification rules or toggle rules to ensure the campaign does not run under the KPI expectation.


Optimization on the go

We do not need many impressions, we need many clicks to generate conversions. Here during the battle, we meet the two friends who are ROAS and ROI, on the basis of the target conversion. The Ads Operation team at MangoAds is constantly analyzing real running data to make timely adjustments to meet the correct baseline KPI of the campaign.


Analysis and report

Report and report evaluation are the basis for us to continue the new sprints in the Agile journey (this is the language of the programmer – At this step, we see the campaign through the eyes of the technical savvy combined with global marketers). From the collected data we will constantly offer new optimization solutions for your campaigns.

Why choose the PPC service of MangoAds?

Our outstanding value features
Optimize conversion efficiency
Use numbers to come up with a plan
Thinking of the overall project
Take control and don’t abuse automation
Standard people
Constantly set new goals

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Steps required to run a PPC campaign

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