Project Management Leader


As a member of the Project Management team, you are a bridge from client requirements to the Media team, Product team in the most effective way. Management thinking along with an extensive view between product and advertising, standing on the user’s side to build the best product and standing in the role of investors to optimize advertising with the most effective channels is what we need from you.

1 Know and do senior PM's work.
2 Manage, assign work, evaluate employees in the team.
3 Plan, provide information to client and meeting with client
4 Manage and allocate plans, support the implementation of projects with client.
5 Supervise the project implementation process.
6 Client monitoring and care (even project has been completed)
7 Responsibility for KPIs, budgets and project results of the PM team
8 Interview candidates
9 Plan and be in charge of professional and skills training programs.
10 Perform other tasks as required by superiors.


  • Graduated from college, university in Economics, Marketing, Journalism/Media or other related majors
  • At least 3-year experience working in the digital marketing client care.
  • At least 2 years of leadership team experience.
  • Professional knowledge of FB Ads, GG Ads, SEO
  • Proficient in English communication is an advantage
  • Ability to think, logic to effectively report, professional forecasting, performance analysis, situational handling
  • Ability to arrange and manage work and coordinate teams


  • Working in a highly-experienced, non-stop learning and sharing environment to build sustainable value
  • Insurance according to labor law and other benefits as company’s policy
  • Only work from Monday to Friday
  • Negotiable salary, salary review 2 times a year
  • Knowledge and skills training, experience development.
  • Yearly team building activities
  • Sponsored professional courses.

How to apply

1. Candidates send CV and portfolio to email: and (cc).
2. Please specify email subject: Apply for [Position] _ [Full name] .
3. In our recommendation letter, we encourage you to describe your work and projects to MangoAds for an overall assessment of the candidate's qualifications.