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Increase your website’s presence on Google search results.

Onsite SEO

Our team with an understanding of Google’s principles will conduct a fully optimized website, thereby helping Googlebot have a smoother way to run and crawl content on your website. We will follow Google’s instructions closely to advise optimize the website. If you don’t have an available in-house developer, don’t worry, we will help you.


Page loading speed

Consulting and optimizing the page load speed and customer experience. The page loading speed can be improved by compressing image size on the website, integrating AMP, and suitable backend optimization. We use the Google Pagespeed Insights tool for appropriate optimization.

MangoAds’s clients

Clients using MangoAds’s SEO service

Content SEO

Creating a content strategy based on brand goals but still having to filter and combine with thinking about keywords and content structure.

Long-term planning

From user persona and brand goals put together outstanding services to focus on, we build long-term content plans. Therefore, your brand has a good approach to not only keyword SEO channels but also other advertising channels such as social media campaigns to create a buzz to increase referral links.

Content promotion strategy

SEO is still a method of advertising, which means how to share our quality content in as many suitable places as possible. Along with that in mind, we plan content promotion campaigns to help websites that have correlatable content with you or your users will share more about your website.

Backlink profile

Building backlinks will be integrated as one of the sales advertising methods, creating backlinks that bring revenue is our ultimate goal. This is a long and thorough process in the SEO campaign. If the backlink profile is strong enough, the ranking of the keywords will definitely improve in the near future.

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