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Ops Ads Team

Our learning and practice revolves around optimizing ROI and ROAS


Every day, we always find ways to optimize and more optimal each client’s advertising. In addition, the team also does reports to help partners get an objective view of the advertising campaign’s performance, thereby having timely responses to the market.

More specifically, the data collection system of campaign, accurate tracking and cross-channel remarketing, cross device will help partners maximize the effectiveness of a multi-channel advertising campaign.

What we do?

1 Continuously learn and offer the latest recommendations to customers based on new advertising channels, cross-platform coordination, typically Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
2 Optimization and further optimization, we continuously test the possibilities to come up with an effective way to run ads, thereby helping customers to scale as soon as they grasp the opportunity.
3 Build campaign report dashboard systems to answer questions about the success and performance of the campaign, thereby giving the advice to change in time with the market.


  • Sensitive with data, able to analyze and evaluate performance.
  • Think well about planning and running an ad campaign.
  • Willing to learn and share knowledge with internal teams.


  • Experience in setting up a large number of Google Ads and Facebook Advertising campaigns.
  • Report development and analysis of advertising campaign metrics.
  • Optimize ads for high engagement and conversion rates.


  • Use Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager to measure advertising effectiveness.
  • Use reporting tools such as Data Studio, Google Sheet, …
  • Create and test the effectiveness of a variety of content templates.

Join our team

If you are passionate about numbers, be a saver and like advertising, please come to us.